School Travel Planning (STP) Manual

Download and use any of the resources to assist with your school's STP. Please Contact Us if you are interested in starting a STP and are in need of your own copy of the STP Manual.

ASRTS & STP Promotion

Includes: copy of our rack card, poster, and retractable banner for activities & events. Contact your local health unit for hard copies and give-aways.

Walking & Wheeling Campaigns

Walking Campaigns are used to encourage active transportation to and from school and educate the school community on the benefits of doing so. Having regular walking and wheeling promotional campaigns and events throughout the school year can increase the likelihood of results and success.

Includes: Announcements (iWalk, health, safety, environmental, learning, community), Posters, Newsletter Inserts, Tweets for Twitter, Activities & Events Ideas

Safety Tips & Crossing Safely at Traffic Lights Video

Parents: learn 11 Steps you can take to increase your child’s safety walking to school (also available in Spanish, Arabic & French).

Go here to watch the first installment of the Tony the Streetwise Cat videos to learn how to safely cross the street at traffic lights.

Safety Presentations for Elementary Schools

Two presentations (one for grades K-3 and one for grades 4-8) and presenter instructions are available to teach children about safety when walking, cycling and riding the bus.

Pedestrian Crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers (PXO) are designated crossing areas that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian.

Includes: Two videos (one for drivers and one for pedestrians) that describe the rules, roles & responsibilities of using PXOs, educational & promotional material available for use in schools (e.g. rack cards, posters, school announcements, newsletter inserts, safety presentations), and activities & events (e.g. colouring & activity sheets, demonstration resource).

Curriculum Connections

Highlights areas where the Active & Safe Routes to School Program may be linked to The Ontario Curriculum.

Includes four Grade 5 Lesson Plans that provide students with an opportunity to actively contribute to their school community by producing a digital map of active transportation options. Student expectations include: science, social studies, people and environments, healthy active living, and language (writing and media literacy).

Climate Change & AST

October 2018 we will be focusing on climate change as our theme for iWalk. 

Includes: Educational and promotional material available for use in schools (e.g. posters, social media posts, newsletter inserts, and announcements), and activities (colouring sheets and classroom activities with curriculum connections).